Moments App


…. where it can easily connect you to your past, current, and future location. Experience a new way to communicate and view the world by allowing you to chat with whom you need to without remembering numbers, email addresses, or usernames. Bypass cumbersome QR codes to view menus, view or exchange content from others views point at concerts, sporting events, and alike, effortlessly communicate with people in the same building, or simply plan a trip.

Create a MOMENT in the place where you are

The Moments app can connect you to the place you are in and give you relevant content related to it. If you are in a restaurant, you can view the menu. At a building, connect with building management to report any issue. At a sporting event, you can view and exchange content with others. Yes, one simple to use app can do all that.

Nothing says more about sharing the same interest with others than being in the same place

As easy as sending a text to connect with others at a club and request songs with the DJ. And at a concert, share content and experiences long after the event has ended. All while maintaining your privacy.

Use our Moments Map

To view content and see what others are saying about events near you.